Who We Are

Who We Are

ChristLove Campaign was founded in January 2013 as a Christian Outreach Ministry under the headship of Love Gospel Assembly, Bridgetown (Barbados) and by extension, Love Gospel Assembly, the Bronx, (USA).

The Ministry is geared toward reaching and loving persons in the inner-city communities of Barbados. We focus heavily on the step-by-step building of sustainable relationships – regardless of class, gender, religious or lifestyle orientation. Along the way, we get to pour into their lives, messages of hope in the face of the hardships they may face, pointing them to a Saviour who has and will always remain relevant to their situations. That Saviour is desirous of calling them into an eternal relationship with himself. We refer to none other than Jesus Christ.

Under our HeartNotes Deliveries, ChristLove Campaign has been able to extend its reach to persons in our community and even beyond our shores, via the distribution of post cards, letters, e-mails, text messages and Social Media feeds, as well as this blog.

We also carry out several community-based activities which we hope inspire some of our readers to take Steps 2 Change in their own environments. Evangelism does not have to be straight-jacketed. There are many tools, many initiatives which your Church can use. We hope to assist you in finding some of those so that you are being obedient to the Commission given by Christ; that of making disciples.

Our Values

COMPASSION for the bruised…

HOPE for the hopeless…

RESTORATION of families where possible

INVITATION to all to join the family of God…

SALVATION in no other but Jesus Christ…

TRUTH¬†preached, TRUTH lived…

Contact Us

Email: christlovecampaign2013@gmail.com


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